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Pairs well: grilled meat, oysters, spicy salmon.


Salmon, caviar, Philadelphia cheese, avocado.


An assortment of salumi, prosciutto crudo, culatello.


Pairs well: grilled meat, oysters, spicy salmon.


6 oysters with caviar cream and smoked salmon.


Prawns are marvelous when grilled in BBQ sauce.

The anthology was made possible through support from DAAD Berlin.

The Abuja Literary Society (ALS) is an initiative that brings together writers, aspiring writers, book-lovers, intellectuals, and generally anyone with an interest in the literary and creative arts and looking to relax, network, share ideas, and grow their craft in a creative atmosphere.

Limited edition of fresh and creative designs in t-shirts, caps and bags.

The Abuja Literary and Arts Festival (ALITFEST) is curated by the Abuja Literary Society. #ALitFest is a festival which seeks to highlight literary and artistic talents on the continent by curating an ambient environment for literary activities.