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Potpourri of workshops at ALITFEST22.

 Monday, October 3, saw the commencement of workshops at the fifth edition of the Abuja Literary + Arts Festival, (ALITFEST22).

The opening workshop on writing was facilitated by Yewande Omotosho, a South African-based Nigerian author with two published works, and Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, a Nigerian-based writer and publisher. 

The two-hour virtual writing workshop on how to create and write compelling characters had two layers commencing with a spontaneous, engaging discussion of how to layer characters by Yewande and slowly progressed to a more structured outline in its second hour by Kukogho. 


The workshops delved into how to establish routines, as well as backstories.

The attendees, some of whom had light bulb moments on character development, were able to find answers to long-sought questions on the key features of compelling characters, choosing a central moral message or purpose in writing as well as being able to combine or infuse personal experiences which can be both relatable and establish a connection with the readers. 


The following day,  October 4 saw the poetry workshop on building a career in spoken word by Efe Paul Azino.

The workshops spree came to a close on October 5 with an introduction to animation facilitated by Franklin Fache, a CG artist and animator. 



On the same day, a town hall session titled “Breaking into Film” where the discussion revolved around the need for stronger ties between the literary and film industries in Nigeria.


Ramatu Ochekliye and Teniola Tayo moderated the town hall. 

ALITFEST 22, a one-week-long festival with the theme “The ~struggling~ thriving artists”, starts October 2 with a stage play.

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