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Positive feedback trail ALITFEST22 book Jam featuring Su’eddie Vershima Agema


The fifth edition of the Abuja Literary and Arts Festival (ALITFEST22) has commenced with a pre-festival activity – a book jam – which took place at the Milk Shop in Abuja on September 30.

The event has as guest award-winning poet Su’eddie Vershima Agema.

Agema who was recently shortlisted for the NLNG prize for poetry told the ALITFEST22 press team that this was not his first book jam with Abuja Literary Society (ALS) which curates the festival.


He said “My last Book Jam was in 2013 and so, it was fun to renew memories again. It was fun and we all found ways to flow on many levels. ALS is family and having people I have walked this literary journey with, like KIS, Afrika, Bash, Ivy, Anointing,  Seun, Tardoo, Augusta, Dike and others.”


On his expectation for ALITFEST22 he said he hopes to see more thrilling events and loads of reunions “as literature lights Abuja’s streets again”.

One of the persons in attendance, Ifeanyi clement said he enjoyed the book jam.

He said “I like that people were given enough time to express freely a piece and why they chose it. Though some took longer time than others. Everyone was pleasant and the atmosphere warm.”

He also added that he is looking forward to ALITFEST22 “especially because the event is spread across different locations.  I hope I attend as many as I can.”


For Zara who was also in attendance, the book jam made her see how people connect to pieces, how people connect one work to another.

She was also excited to have gotten book recommendations.

She hopes ALITFEST22 will open more opportunities for open feedback, exploration and connections moving forward.

She said “The book jam/reading circle was fun to observe and be part of. I enjoyed all the feedback and discussions”.

Rukayya Ovayoza Sani also shares a similar sentiment with Zara. She found the book jam to “compelling” as well as “educative”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself”, Sani told the ALITFEST22 press team.

She added that “I expect ALITFEST to be eye-opening experience filled with thrilling activities as well as meeting new people who share similar interests as me. I honestly look forward to it”

“The Milk Shop was designed to be a place for people who love to wonder, through books, and art. Those who want to cultivate a sense of community within a truly unique and whimsical space” said one of its curators. ALITFEST 22 , a one-week-long festival with the theme “The ~struggling~ thriving artists” starts October 2 with a stage play.



See details of activities here


ALITFEST22 External Communication team

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