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Welcome to ALITFEST 2024

The Abuja Literary and Arts Festival (ALITFEST) commenced in 2018 as a flagship initiative of the Abuja Literary Society. Since then, it has evolved into an annual celebration of literature and the arts not only in Nigeria but also on a global scale.

This festival serves as a platform for literary and artistic minds to engage in discourse on pertinent social, economic, and political issues, aimed at fostering personal and collective growth among participants. It delves into the profound impact of art on society and explores how it can serve as a catalyst for social awareness across diverse ideological spectrums, while also contributing to the burgeoning creative economy of Abuja.

In collaboration with the Abuja Literary Society and various other organizations, each edition of the festival is meticulously curated to offer a rich tapestry of activities. These include stage plays, enlightening book chats, thought-provoking panel sessions, an intensive business boot camp, impactful film screenings, creative workshops, vibrant book and art fairs, as well as gripping poetry Grand Slam competitions. Every facet of the festival is designed to foster the growth and sustainability of a vibrant literary community in Abuja.

Moving Picture Moments

Discover the transformative power of literature and the arts at the Abuja Literary and Arts Festival (ALITFEST). Join us as we celebrate cultural diversity, foster dialogue on pressing issues, and ignite creativity in the heart of Nigeria’s capital. From thought-provoking panel sessions to vibrant book fairs and captivating performances, ALITFEST offers a rich tapestry of activities for literary and artistic minds alike.