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The Struggling Thriving Artist

The 5th edition of #ALITFEST comes up in 2022 and the chosen theme is “The Struggling Thriving Artist”. This year, we aim to build on and consolidate the successes we recorded last year by continuing discussions and efforts around building and supporting creative livelihoods.

We recognise that the literary festival space in Nigeria is growing. This is why we have chosen a niche that focuses more on practical issues facing the creative sector in Nigeria.

Last year, one of the panels we organized explored issues around the African Continental Free Trade Area and how creatives in Nigeria can leverage it to expand their markets. We also increased the number of creative and technical workshops.

We are continuing our focus on impact by ensuring that all activities organized under the framework of the festival are have tangible outcomes for the creative ecosystem in Abuja, Nigeria and Africa. The way we do this is by carefully answering the “So what?” question to justify the various components of the festival.


Writing & on stage


of ALITFEST 2022

writing competition & short story anthology

Our comedians

Eunice Westfall

Stand-Up Comedian

Leo Gilliam

Stand-Up Comedian

Piter Paulson

Stand-Up Comedian

Recognising the growth of the literary festival space in Nigeria